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Do Google’s bots crawl proxy servers data?

January 22, 2009

Hope this is the right place to post the question.

Do Google’s bots crawl our sites directly or G bots have proxy setting?

Really like to know.



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What if Google update PR every day? wisely know PR

January 13, 2009

if Google update PR every day then we can see new PR every day.

Isn’t that good!

wisely to understand how PR relate to your site maybe very helpful for SEO

example :
if your site always keep PageRank PR = 0 , it may tell your site has poor traffic most of time.

what if your site have very high PR but no traffic at all, it may tell you that your site may be poor of contents and not attracting people to come back but may only have a lots of backlinks.

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Another example:

PR changing may tell you that some of your site backlinks are moving

example: some dp threads have PR3 this time but next time it may become PR0, it could because these threads have been moved off from the first page of forum.

So PR might be still providing some information. It is not total useless.