How to get indexed on Google?

How to get indexed on Google?

The first, what is being indexed on Google searching your site results?
Usually there are several ways to know if a site is indexed or not by google.

Ways to know if a site is indexed or not:

Way 1 to check if your site is on google : use google query site:your-site-domain. This is most people will do.

Way 2 to confirm is by using google query info:your-site-domain. This can also help you understand if the site is redirected to some other site. It it is not showing the same site then many people call it is a fake site and not a true indexed site by google.
Google update info: DC not very fast but Google may update every once a month.

Above are basic ways to check site index.
If you site is not indexed on google it means people may have difficult to visit your site directly through google search results as a low traffic site.

Now let us talk ” How to get index on Google.

Way 1 : submit to google’s add url
many other google countries and so on
I am telling you there are many places can tell google robots to crawl your site.

Way 2 : Use your bloggers to publish your site links.
If you have one account then you can have many yahoo blogs.
How ? It is because your one yahoo account can apply

By one yahoo bolg from USA
another yahoo blog from UK
another yahoo blog from Canada
and one is whatever your native language if your are not above places
and so on ( | | | …. )

Now I am telling you. Do not need to apply many yahoo accounts you can own many blogs one time with only one yahoo account.

Way 3 : Use forum sites.

You may use some forums which provide post links , home page introduction or signatures.
forum name / and / maximum number of signatures for a member

forum Name maximum
Latest Blog feed
Other Profile URL 2 signatures 50 yes
wordpress /
twitter / facebook

sorry the forum is
off recently

1 signatures
2 signatures
3 signatures
4 signatures
no 2 signatures
( was 4 sign
twitter 4 signatures no 4 signatures
( 5 lines )
no need yes
twitter 4 signatures no No limit on links
(max 3 lines)

Way 4 : Use bookmarks.

Way 5 : Submit your site to directories

Way 6: Ads Link

Way 7: Fix broken links.

Way 8: Fix robot.txt and header meta

Way 9: other ways to expose your site

Way 10: Create a valuable site.

If readers love your site then they will help you to expose your site.

Way 11: Use big famous site services to auto crawl your new site.
The way is one of most simple and fast ways to help your new domain home page to get index on all major search engines.
Example: ( replace your-new-domain-name to your real domain name )
just link to them

another thread post simple-tool-to-get-site-index-fast (your-new-domain-name)
and more



No free lunch to gain index on Google, you have to work harder.

More….. I will add and describe more later on.

You are also welcome to share your experiences here.



Google page rank checker tools:

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8 Responses to “How to get indexed on Google?”

  1. George Says:

    Thanks for the index tool, just used it, will see what happens.

  2. Robson Fernando Says:

    Hello. My blog changed its address from to The former URL had a PageRank 4, and the new one is still zero PR. How can I keep the blog’s PR surviving to the address change?

  3. ako Says:

    Tanks for Your Article.
    * Site Title, Meta information ( keywords, author, description)
    * Site rankings: Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, Yandex Tic
    * Site thumbnail ( publicly available)
    * Estimated Daily Ads Revenue, Unique Visitors and Pageviews
    * Dmoz Lister or not
    * Domain age (if possible)
    * Alexa Charts
    * Indexed pages amount in Yahoo, Altavista, AllTheWeb
    * Backlinks amount in Yahoo, Altavista, AllTheWeb
    * Server information:Server IP,Server Host
    * Organization, Server ISP
    * Server Country, Server Region,Server City

  4. Reni Says:

    First of all I wish you happy new year. Your tips right, I try & usefully. Thanks.

  5. Rank High Google Says:

    I hadn’t considered the ultimately simple ways the big G works. The truth of the issue is that even though Search Engines “indexes” your page countless times, it takes a metric tonne of effort on your part in order to get your site to become relevent to the big G. This will add to my knowledge of search engine optimization!

  6. Raghavendra Says:


    I have done this my site got indexed only once. What about other search engines. …

  7. Faroz Says:

    Thanks for yor share, i will try it

  8. Activo / Ron Peled Says:

    nice tip about the yahoo blogs, will check it out.

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