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Backlinks checker SEO web tool

December 25, 2008

The web tool backlinks checker to many helps to understand how do other sites link to your site.

Prevent back link cheating and it also save your time.

Why to use the backlink checker tool : you may use the web tool to check how other webmaster put your site like.
The WEB SEO web tool helps you to keep away from black hat SEO.
Some SEO skills you shall know before you use the tool: site:, Disallow:/, nofollow, noindex

to check if the page is indexed or not yet
User-agent: *
Disallow: /
(when you see “/” it means “go away”) keeps all robots out:
Google does not “follow” the link
Yahoo! follows it”, but not in ranking calculation
<meta name=“robots” content=
noindex />
<title>Don’t index this page

Here a given search result::

Head Meta information:
keywords (length 13) :
description (length 13) :
title (length 13) :
Page links:
1. href= ::
Anchor ( length 33 ): Click here to go to


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