Do Google’s bots crawl proxy servers data?

January 22, 2009

Hope this is the right place to post the question.

Do Google’s bots crawl our sites directly or G bots have proxy setting?

Really like to know.



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What if Google update PR every day? wisely know PR

January 13, 2009

if Google update PR every day then we can see new PR every day.

Isn’t that good!

wisely to understand how PR relate to your site maybe very helpful for SEO

example :
if your site always keep PageRank PR = 0 , it may tell your site has poor traffic most of time.

what if your site have very high PR but no traffic at all, it may tell you that your site may be poor of contents and not attracting people to come back but may only have a lots of backlinks.

Google PageRank checker tool

Another example:

PR changing may tell you that some of your site backlinks are moving

example: some dp threads have PR3 this time but next time it may become PR0, it could because these threads have been moved off from the first page of forum.

So PR might be still providing some information. It is not total useless.

google PR update today before backlinks update

December 31, 2008

Usually backlinks will update before google PR update

but this time Google PageRank has come before backlinks update

I assume today Google tried to update PR by the end of 2008.

Perhaps Google will have another PR update at January 2009.

Is there other reasons for Google to do so?

What you think?

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Backlinks checker SEO web tool

December 25, 2008

The web tool backlinks checker to many helps to understand how do other sites link to your site.

Prevent back link cheating and it also save your time.

Why to use the backlink checker tool : you may use the web tool to check how other webmaster put your site like.
The WEB SEO web tool helps you to keep away from black hat SEO.
Some SEO skills you shall know before you use the tool: site:, Disallow:/, nofollow, noindex

to check if the page is indexed or not yet
User-agent: *
Disallow: /
(when you see “/” it means “go away”) keeps all robots out:
Google does not “follow” the link
Yahoo! follows it”, but not in ranking calculation
<meta name=“robots” content=
noindex />
<title>Don’t index this page

Here a given search result::

Head Meta information:
keywords (length 13) :
description (length 13) :
title (length 13) :
Page links:
1. href= ::
Anchor ( length 33 ): Click here to go to


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

What is Domain Name Backordering?

December 23, 2008

Web master wait for those expired domain names.

With backorder domain system you can grab grab and register it on your behalf.

If when a domain name expires and becomes available. Your low $18.95 backorder cost includes the registration fee, ICANN Fee, plus automatic monitoring and email alerts on changes to the Registrar, Status, Expiration Date, and Name Servers. Your domain backorder fee can be re-assigned to other names as often as you like, until you are successful in acquiring a domain name.
You also have the option of making your backorder private — which means your personal identifying information (name, phone number, email and home addresses) is shielded from public exposure in the WHOIS directory from the very moment the backordered domain is successfully acquired. Please understand that a backorder does not guarantee you the domain name being backordered. The domain name may be renewed by its current owner and not become available or we may be unsuccessful in our attempts to grab it and register it on your behalf. Again, if your backorder is not successful, it can be reassigned to another domain name. (And if your unsuccessful backorder is private, your private registration can be applied to any other backorder).

  • Includes FREE DomainAlert Pro Monitoring for backordered domain! Additional monitoring packs available (see left).
  • Includes the cost of registering the domain name and ICANN Fee, so you can have the domain instantly.
  • If you don’t get the name, you don’t lose money: You can re-assign your backorder fee to another name until you capture one.

December 18, 2008

the web tool can check many countries Google search engine resuolts pages

Google SERPĀ  PageRankings Position Checker

helpful web tool for SERP check and save time

SERP pageranking checkers

December 2, 2008

good web SERP tools: SERP pageranking checkers. Tools check Yahoo and Google Search engine results page

received a mail from word press

Some useful links:
Write a new post:
Change your blog’s settings:
Choose another theme:
See what others are writing about:

If you’re just getting started, there are tons of helpful resources available and easily searched for on our FAQs and forums.
More Frequently Asked Questions:

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Easy to have a simple SERP checker code.

August 12, 2008

It is simple and easy.

The free SERP web tool code is here
…………………………….. script begin …………………………………….

<a target=”_blank” href=””>Page rank checker</a>

……………………………… script end ………………………………………

Example link : Page rank checker

Free code Free tool on your site ( as your free web tool ) Your site will be showed as the page title.
You are free to copy the code and paste on your site.

Explain how it works;

The script isĀ  a link.
When some link from your site page to ( the free web tool site,
your site page will be a referrer so it will be list at the free tool top, it also lists how many hits as views.

Enjoy the free SERP checker tool as your tool.

Best regards,

Google operating system

April 5, 2008

Some said Google operating system will come out in 2011

Now you can find there are many not officially released informations around us.

Due to MS office soft wares are not necessary for my computer any more.

I am looking for Google Operating System for my computer.

My questions:
Is it really true that Google have their own OS and they provide OS for our PC/NB ?
Have you tried? How is it?
If it is true please tell me where I can download a free Google OS for my NB?

Thanks / Regards
Youtube has some info about Google Operation System
Also heard some NB producers are setting G.O.S. for their motherboards.

Just do not know when it will come out.

I am looking for Google Operating System for my computer.

My questions:
Is it really true that Google have their own OS and they provide OS for our PC/NB ?
Have you tried? How is it?
If it is true please tell me where I can download a free Google OS for my NB?

Thanks / Regards