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Free Private Domain Registration

September 8, 2009

Free Private Domain Registration

Here is the ( Free Private Domain Registration ) service link.

Enjoy it.

What is a private domain registration and how is important?

Did you know that when you register a domain, your name, address, email
address and phone number are immediately made available to anyone who wants
to see them? That’s right. Your personal information is exposed 24 hours a day,
everyday, to anyone, anywhere. You have the power to change this.

With a private (“unlisted”) registration through Domains By Proxy
(our affiliate company), registering a domain name doesn’t mean sacrificing your privacy.

Register or Transfer five domain names or more and
get FREE PRIVACY on every domain you register on this order!

Get FREE Private Registration ($7.95/yr value) when you register or transfer five
or more domains, NO QUANTITY LIMIT! Protect yourself from spam, fraud,
stalkers and worse by keeping your name, address, email and phone number private.

Private Registration MUST be added to your cart before checkout,
in order to qualify for this offer.

This offer is valid for .COM, .INFO, .NET, .ORG, .ME, .MOBI, .BIZ, .ES, .MX, .WS,

What is Domain Name Backordering?

December 23, 2008

Web master wait for those expired domain names.

With backorder domain system you can grab grab and register it on your behalf.

If when a domain name expires and becomes available. Your low $18.95 backorder cost includes the registration fee, ICANN Fee, plus automatic monitoring and email alerts on changes to the Registrar, Status, Expiration Date, and Name Servers. Your domain backorder fee can be re-assigned to other names as often as you like, until you are successful in acquiring a domain name.
You also have the option of making your backorder private — which means your personal identifying information (name, phone number, email and home addresses) is shielded from public exposure in the WHOIS directory from the very moment the backordered domain is successfully acquired. Please understand that a backorder does not guarantee you the domain name being backordered. The domain name may be renewed by its current owner and not become available or we may be unsuccessful in our attempts to grab it and register it on your behalf. Again, if your backorder is not successful, it can be reassigned to another domain name. (And if your unsuccessful backorder is private, your private registration can be applied to any other backorder).

  • Includes FREE DomainAlert Pro Monitoring for backordered domain! Additional monitoring packs available (see left).
  • Includes the cost of registering the domain name and ICANN Fee, so you can have the domain instantly.
  • If you don’t get the name, you don’t lose money: You can re-assign your backorder fee to another name until you capture one.