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How to keep a usb drive as a D drive? (keep same mapping name)

August 22, 2010

How to keep a usb drive as a D drive?  (how to keep a USB device to have a same mapping name)
I have a 2G usb drive.

The problem one day it is my NB’s D drive
some day it will change to E drive

My question: How to keep it name D drive all the time?
Or how can I change it to D drive when it came to be named E drive?

……………………………… next day ……………..try this……………………
I think the problem is a computer remember a USB device last time setting.
A computer may remember it is D drive.
B computer may remember it is E drive.
So computers will recall these settings.
That is why one day is D drive another day is E drive.
Too many computers can be a problem too.

Guess what .

Now I found a not very smart way but it works. I like to share it here.

I prepare at least 3 usb devices (no matter they are mp4 or camera or recorder or several disk drives)
I switch 3 or more other devices plug to my computer until d: e: f: all occupied.
Then safe remove d: drive device.

Finally use my real need D disk drive plug to computer then it will become name D drive again.

It takes less than a minute to fix it.

However I am still looking for a better solution.
If you know any please share here.